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Stimulants – whether, and how often you can take them?

When there is a question regarding the principles of a healthy lifestyle, many people replied that one of the most important things is to eliminate various stimulants. But it is worth to consider whether a healthy lifestyle does require abandoning the use of them.

Firstly, ask yourself a question relating to what products can be considered to being stimulants. Most often this is defined as alcohol, drugs, tobacco and coffee. In the case of drugs the answer seems obvious. Every person having at least basic knowledge about them realize that they are very harmful to health. Some have doubts about so-called "soft drugs". Division of them into hard- and soft-drugs is primarily OK for drug dealers, because it is easier to sell preparations, that people mistakenly consider to be less harmful. In the case of tobacco, a situation is similar, so all studies confirm the negative effect on our health. The favorable situation are those who like to drink alcohol sometimes. Many doctors draws attention to the fact that small portions of certain alcoholic beverages, such as red wine, have a positive impact on our health. On the other hand, higher doses or frequent drinking alcohol lead to many problems, for example liver diseases. As for the coffee, it can be safely to consume to 500 mg of caffeine per day.

It is worth to broaden our knowledge about drugs, to know, from what you really need to give up, and what you can permit yourself from time to time.

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