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How to control health?

Many people think that a proper diet, physical activity, avoidance of drugs and stress, are enough to maintain good health. Unfortunately, although the lifestyle reduces the risk of many diseases, it is not guaranteed to be healthy. Therefore, such an important role is played by medical tests.

Such tests can be divided into two groups. The first are those that from time to time should be performed by each person. The second group includes tests, that are conditional on a gender, age or illnesses for example. Once a year you should carry out blood tests, such as morphology and OB. It's quick and simple test that indicates whether the human body works properly. An important role is also played by regular dental tests, which should be performed every six months. Please note that the late detection of diseases of teeth and gums complicates treatment, and may also contribute to the development of other conditions, including heart disease. Women must remember to perform regular gynecological tests, and the examination of the breast. Men are also advised to monitor the status of health in order to exclude, for example, diseases such as testicular cancer. At the same time it should take into account genetic factors that may increase the risk of certain diseases, and thus constitute a reason to perform additional tests.

Performing regular medical examinations should be the habit of every human being. Therefore, it is worth to use them yourself, and teach it to your children.

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